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“Paul has always impressed me as an author. His insights are beyond just the financial realm. This book takes an even broader perspective I find stimulating and calming.”

- John Sestina CFP®, ChFC CFP®, ChFC

“It takes courage to create a life in alignment with our unique values and dreams. Yet, as The Virtue of Wealth so richly describes, it is the only way we ever experience true happiness – and true wealth. This is a beautiful book filled with deep insights and inspiration coupled with practical tools and suggestions. It is a fascinating, soulful guide for ending victimhood and taking responsibility for our life and money choices. Read this book and you will see a new path towards greater meaning, service and abundance.”

- Megan Raphael | Award-winning Author,
"The Courage Code"

“What a clever and insightful journey. Paul seems to have mastered the ability to offer sound advice – financial and otherwise – wrapped comfortably inside some heartfelt memories.”

- Jeff Benjamin, Senior Editor - Investment News

“The Virtue of Wealth is a thought provoking, practical guide to achieving financial success in all phases of our lives. Refreshingly there is no ‘hype”, instead clear and gentle explanations leading the reader to an understanding that true insight comes from viewing financial aspirations against the wider philosophical considerations of our lives. The book encourages the reader to think deeply about what is important for them whilst at the same time pointing out options for accepting and dealing with the reality in which we live. It contains useful tools for understanding and maintaining balance and personal financial integrity in a complex and often paradoxical world.”

- Anne O’Donnell - Managing Director,
Australian Ethical Investment Ltd

“The Virtue of Wealth marries possibilities with practicalities, giving concrete suggestions for creating a life of abundance. This wise and gentle book also reminds us that true wealth lies in our relationships with others, and that monetary wealth is simply one way of ensuring our ability to enjoy these relationships.”

- Lisa M. Belisle, M.D., M.P.H.
Editor, Our Daily Tread

“Whether we realize it or not, the human tendency is to construct our lives around the idea that our doing first leads to having which in turns leads to being. With compassion and brilliance, Paul masterfully leads us on a journey of transformation to a better understanding that Being always precedes having and doing.”

- Scott Neal CPA®, CFP®, MBA
President of D. Scott Neal, Inc